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Excerpt from an upcoming production

  • Scene 8: Maria's bedroom.
  • (Maria, Martin)
  • SOUND: bedsprings.
  • MARTIN: The costume looks really great on you Maria.
  • MARIA (as batman): I'm not Maria. I'm Batman. Take off your pants.
  • MARTIN: Haha. That's really cute.
  • MARIA (AS BATMAN): Who hired Joe Cool? Who!
  • MARTIN: What's that?
  • MARIA (AS BATMAN): You know I'm real tired of people like you making my town filthy.
  • SOUND: Maria PunchES martin in the face.
  • MARTIN: Aaargh! Oh holy s---. Aaah! My nose! Oh F---! It's bleeding. Owwww, Maria!
  • MARIA (AS BATMAN): I said, I'm not Maria, I'm Batman. I also said, take off your pants.
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